We were delighted to return to the New Wolsey with this fabulous, musical version of the hit film, which starred Michael Caine and Steve Martin. It’s the French Riviera, where the decadent world of sophisticated conman Lawrence Jameson (Martin Leigh) is set to come crashing down with the arrival of Freddy Benson (Tom Mayhew) – a conman of an entirely different order!

The two go head-to-head in the con of their lives, pulling out all the stops in a bid for the money (and affections) of millionaire soap heiress, Christine Colgate (Laura Lucock) having already batted off the affections of the serial bride from hell Jolene Oakes (Ellie Downes)

As if the triangle between these four was not enough, hilarity ensues with the love interest between Police Chief Andre (Paul Stone) and American on tour Muriel Eubanks (Stephanie Brown)

The production received fantastic reviews both from the media and the public, many of whom took the time to say how much they enjoyed it in reviews on the New Wolsey website.

The production was presented as part of the New Wolsey’s annual Open Season with direction from the extremely talented Sally Scurrell, imaginative choreography by Kimberley Healey and musical direction by resident director Mike Wren. Huge thanks as always goes to the dedicated production and backstage teams for working so hard at getting the show on its legs.

Photography by Gavin King. Copyright remains with photographer. No reproduction allowed.