NODA Review of Alice The Musical

We are extremely pleased to share the review of First Stage’s production of Alice The Musical.

“ALICE THE MUSICAL” by Mark and Helen Johnson.
At Henley Community Centre. Ipswich. 3rd July 2016.

A new rendition of “Alice in Wonderland” was IODS youngsters latest production. The s tory is the same with all the characters we love. Henley Village Hall is very welcoming and makes a superb venue for this type of production.

The production had at least 30 juniors on stage, and at times the stage was pretty full, and perhaps it would have been better to have split the chorus so that mums and dads could easily spot their little ones! However, the children enjoyed themselves and some had great promise to one day be on the way to join the main Operatic Society when sixteen.
The costumes were good and imaginative and despite the limited space, the scenery flats were enough to change the various scenes. We were greatly impressed by some of the youngsters. Imogen Nunn who never flagged either with words or actions made a very pleasant Alice ably abetted by Noah Dinsdale as the nervy White Rabbit always hoping not to be late. The Mad Hatter was Tess Black who delivered her lines with gusto and caught the character well.

Something else again was Ryan Lenny as the Queen of Hearts this was played with a brilliant display of ‘camp’! I can see him finding a place with the main Society in the near future.
I have mentioned several parts, but I thought all the little characters did very well in their roles and it is so hard for me not to name them all in junior productions of this type, sufficient for me to say they “All did very well!”

“Alice” was well directed by the production team, led by IODS actor Darren Nunn, together with fellow members Sharna Simmons, Roxy Last, Kelly Fletcher, Clare Blakey and Julian Smith. All the chaperones were in place to see easy movement on to the stage and keep all calm in the dressing rooms!

A most enjoyable afternoon, well done to all involved.